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Active substance: Tadapox
Cialis Super Power 2 includes a part of the active substance – tadalafil 20 mg (struggling with erectile dysfunction) and Dapoxetine 60 mg (prolongs intercourse 3-4 times). 2 basic substances are selected in perfect proportion that does not require the purchase of each drug separately.
Cialis Super Power – solves both problems!
Take 1 tablet 20 minutes before sexual intercourse. Effective preparation is 36-48 hours. Cialis Super Power improves potency, speeds up recovery after each orgasm, improves blood circulation in the penis. This drug – a new tool that solves 2 problems (premature ejaculation and impotence). It is also to avoid a situation where the presence of persistent erection during sex excitement disappears, since the stimulation and good circulation, this problem is eliminated as though it never existed.

The drug can be taken at any age (over 18 years).

Do not take more than one pill per day.
When the drug begins to act
The action starts with the sexual arousal. As soon as it boils down to nothing, the penis returns to a relaxed state.

Shelf life
We only have a maximum shelf life.
Who produces Super Power?
Super Tadarise produced in factories Sunrise Remedies Pvt. The tablets have a diamond shape. A TADAPOX – Delta Enterpises go round shape yellow.

Overdose, what to do?
At the use of a considerable number of tablets wash the stomach or invoke vomiting after taking at least 1 cup of water.

What a time to receive optimal?
It is recommended to take 1 pill 1 hour before sex. The tablet should be swallowed without raskusyvaya with water. If the drug is not given a good extension of the sexual act, then increase the time up to 2 hours.
Is not it dangerous to health?

No, as pharmaceuticals and normal dosing does not cause any pathologies also:
➲ Does not alter the composition of the sperm;
➲ Does not reduce the level of testosterone;
➲ Is rapidly excreted from the body.

What is different from analogues
From their counterparts different duration of action is up to 36 hours.

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Silvitra 120 mg (active ingredient – Sildenafil 100 to vardenafil 20 mg) tablets new safe Silvitra – the drug, which included just two predominant popular ingredient used to manufacture Viagra and Levitra.

Duration: 12:00.
Admission: 20-25 minutes before sexual intercourse.
Alcohol: I suppose in minimum quantities.
Recommended daily dose: not more than 1 tablet.

Modern scientists regularly conduct research and introduce the latest developments in chemical preparations for preserving and increasing male potency. The main purpose to cause and how to fix a longer period of strong erection. One of these innovations and become drug Silvitra.

Advantages of the drug:

☛It felt the impact of the drug within 25 minutes after ingestion;
Silvitra enhances blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
☛mild effect of the drug is almost no side effects;
☛symbiosis of the two best active ingredients, can cope with even the most “neglected” diseases of the male;
☛excitation mechanism is triggered only when a natural sexual stimulation;
☛increased duration of erections in 2-3 times;
☛reduces the amount of time between sexual acts, that is already half an hour after intercourse man is once again ready to continue lovemaking.
Aphrodisiac Silvitra very popular among males, leading an active life and aspiring to sexual diversity.

International name: Silvitra 120 mg.
Pharmacological group: PDE 5 inhibitor (PDE-5).
Active substance: Sildenafil Vardenafil 20mg 100mg.
Dosage form: oval tablets, coated yellow.

Pharmachologic effect
Each tablet contains 100 mg Nitre sildenafil and 20 mg vardenafil. Regardless of the cause of impotence, sildenafil helps to achieve full sexual arousal. Vardenafil is rapidly dissolved in the blood and spreads throughout the body.

The drug is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction and improve the quality of sexual life. With two active substances, which increase blood flow to the penis, Silvitra helps to cope with the problems caused by the man’s psychological factors, stress and fatigue, problems with the endocrine system and vascular disease.

Mode of application
At night you can eat no more than 120 mg Silvitra (one tablet). Take the medicine on an empty stomach is better for half an hour before the planned sexual intercourse. Its effect is maintained for at least 24 -30 hours, if not abuse of fatty foods and alcohol.

☛stomach cancer and other cancers;
☛allergic to one or more active ingredients;
☛cardiac disease character;
☛chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
☛deformation of the sexual organs.

Side effects:
☑nasal congestion.

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Active Ingredient: tadalafil sildenafil citrate
Sildalis is a combination drug, consisting both of Tadalafil and Sildenafil citrate. This combined medication is designed for the treatment of the sexual dysfunction in men.

Description Sildalis drug

The most effective and relatively safe medications for the restoration of the normal Viagra potency are considered, the main component of which is a chemically synthesized substance sildenafil, and Cialis that contains Tadalafil. The action of these drugs is largely identical, but doctors ratings show that the effect of tadalafil lasts more than 24 hours.
But scientists did not stop there, and as a result of many years of hard work and a number of clinical trials have been developed a new drug – Sildalis. It includes and tadalafil, and sildenafil in different concentrations. This provides a sufficiently rapid and prolonged drug efficacy. In addition, its price is significantly lower than the mentioned analogues.

Operating principle
To understand how “works” Sildalis, you must briefly refer to the appearance of erection physiology. In response to sexual stimulation begins a series of hormonal and enzymatic reactions in the male genital organs. The result is a cyclic guanosine monophosphate or abbreviated – cGMP. This enzyme relaxes the muscle tissue of the corpus cavernosum, which occupy most of the inside of the penis. They are filled with arterial blood, and increase in size, providing an erection.
After intercourse cells corpus cavernosum has been operating for another enzyme – phosphodiesterase (PDE). This material is not only in the genital organs, it is present in almost all cells of the body. On the internal tissues of the penis affects a specific type of PDE fifth, which destroys cGMP.

As a result, the process is reversed: the outflow of blood from the penis is reduced, and it acquires previous size.
Reviews of researchers suggest that the effect of sildenafil and tadalafil, which are part of Sildalis tablets are intended to selectively inhibit the enzyme PDE-5. The result is a fairly prolonged erection for normal sexual intercourse.
But all of these physiological processes are under the control of the brain. Therefore Sildalis not help in the absence of libido or sexual arousal. If a man does not feel sexual attraction to the opposite sex, then it is most likely indicative of hormonal disorders and requires treatment appropriate drugs.

The main indication for the use Sildalis capsules is erectile dysfunction. Reviews of doctors tell in detail about the causes of disorders of potency. Only in 20% of cases, this problem is caused by psychological factors, stress and fatigue. In most cases the cause are:
➤Cardiovascular diseases associated with impaired circulation.
➤Endocrine diseases, in most cases – diabetes.
➤Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.
➤Hormonal disorders.
➤Age-related changes in an organism.
➤Taking certain medications.

Instructions for use states that Sildalis be effective in almost all these cases. Feedback from customers has never talked about the ineffectiveness of these tablets, which is a huge advantage, especially considering that the price is relatively low.
Instructions for use describes in detail how to take these pills. Reviews of researchers say that the effect of the drug begins after 15-20 minutes, but the doctor advised to take Sildalis 30-40 minutes before intercourse. Upon receiving means normally retained its effectiveness to 36 hours. It consists of 100 mg of sildenafil and tadalafil 20 mg. This is a fairly high dose of active ingredients, so more than one capsule is not recommended to take a day.

As mentioned above, the PDE enzyme is present not only in the tissues of the penis. Although Sildalis has a sufficiently high selectivity, it is also to varying degrees and can affect the action of phosphodiesterase in other organs. Reviews of researchers argue that it is linked to the side effects of medication.

Instructions for use refers to such possible complications after taking the capsules:
➤Headache, dizziness.
➤Shortness of breath, heart palpitations.
➤Fluctuations in blood pressure.
➤Sleep disturbances, increased nervous irritability.
➤Allergic reactions on the skin.
➤Violation of color vision, blurred vision.
➤Muscle pain in the back.
➤The emergence of uncontrolled erection unrelated to sexual arousal.
However, in most cases, these side effects are observed in the presence of concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver or kidneys. This suggests that one should visit the district physician before using the drug.

Precautionary measures
Most Sildalis contraindications to capsules not so much related to the impact of the drug on the body components, but with limitations for increased sexual activity due to various diseases. For instructions on the use of this medication is not recommended to take it in the following cases:
➤The first 6 months after suffering a heart attack or stroke.
➤Too high or, conversely, reduced blood pressure,.
➤Severe heart failure, heart rhythm disorders.
➤Regular bouts of migraine, epilepsy.
➤Severe renal and hepatic failure.
➤Gastric ulcer during the exacerbation.
➤Hypersensitivity to the drug.

^Also, this drug is strictly prohibited to take along with medicines containing nitrogen compounds. Some antibiotics, such as rifampicin and erythromycin, slow clearance between the active components of the drug from the body, so in this case the required dosage reduction.^
It is worth noting that high-fat foods can slow the onset of action of tablets, and the excess of alcohol increases the risk of complications of the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, even if you are sure that there are no contraindications at the reception of these capsules, it is still in front of the reception is necessary to consult a doctor.

Сost of
In the pharmaceutical market, the drug appeared for a long time, so it can be easily purchased without a prescription the doctor at any pharmacy or online store. The price depends on the number of tablets in the package, the more of them – the value of one capsule below.

^Just one tablet ensures stable and erection long enough sex for at least a day.^

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Prednisone 5MG, 10MG, 20MG, 40MG.


Other names for this medication:
Apo-prednisone, Cordrol, Cortancyl, Decortin, Decortisyl, Deltra, Diadreson, Hostacortin, Marsone, Meticorten, Nisone, Norapred, Nosipren, Orasone, Panasol-s, Paracort, Pred-g, Prednibid, Prednicen-m, Prednicot, Predniment, Prednisoloni, Prednisona, Prednisonum, Sterapred, Ultracorten, Winpred.

Prednisone: instruction for receiving, analogues, price, reviews
Prednisone is an anti-inflammatory drug of the group of corticosteroids, which are analogues of the natural biological hormone of the adrenal cortex – cortisol.

Pharmacological interdiction
Glucocorticotropic disease. The drugs, which are used in the case of rheumatoid apteritis, spondylitis, rheumatism of inferior genesis, an apte, a traumatic shock, infectious diseases.

Pharmacological system
Anti-inflammatory, glucocorticoid and anti-inflammatory agent. Stabilizes the state of the cell membranes, inhibits the production of prostaglandins, which are indicative of the appearance of the bulbous syndrome in the case of opol-propellent vehicles.
Reduces the permeability of capillaries, anti-inflammatory agents are reduced by reducing the processing of specific antibodies, the antiprotochic agents are mediated by a cocodifying effect and by the stimulation of the work of the cep-caustic sys- tem. Bystro vsasyvayutsya pepopalnomu ppeeme, maksimmalnye kontsentratsii v krovi dostigayutcya cpustya dva chaca. Tpanfspopiruetcya in the song, deduced by the buds.
It shows effects on lipid, angular and iron metabolism. It will result in cumulation of glycogen glycogen in the liver and an increase in the level of glucose in the blood. The agent helps to keep the water and natrium in the organism, to stimulate the work of the cep-cadic system and to increase the tonus of the ape, to restore the muscle to the contraction. The unique CIC produces a stimulus, acts as a protic and immunodeficient action. It increases the acidity of the gastric juice and the cessation of the vesicle.

Indications for use
In the practice of the treatment of diseases of the opioid motor system and the musculature, it is used in rheumatism, rheumatoid apoptitis, apoptia, celepodermia, and demotomyositis.
It is used in the treatment of allergic diseases, adductor infections, when the functions of the adrenal gland function are absent in the acute form, the anterior spine and hepatitis, the penicle, the hypoglycemia.
It is used in the therapy of lipid infarction, agranulocytosis, leukemia of any etiology, lymphogranematosis, purpura of thrombocytopenic, hemolytic anemia.
B kotteva kompleknoy tepapii in infektsionnomu mononukleeoze, pankkpeatit e ostpoy pom pami, pemphlet, itch neevyatshennoy etiologii, eczema, remmatit, pcopiza, ceptopeinom dammitit, kpacnoy volchanka, eritpodermii. It is used as a prophylactic substance in the case of hock infections.

The proprietor of a product in case of a sensitive hypersensitivity to the existing substance or any other component in the body. He does not suffer from ulceration of the duodenum of the rectum and the throat, but only in the small phase. Heppemenim in otteeoopoze, Illinois-Massage, as well as in cases, if the patient cklonen to thromboembolism.

Ppotivopokazano ppimenenie ppepapata VARIATIONS nedoctatochnocti pochechnoy functions tyazheloy fopme aptepialnoy gipeptenzii and gipeptonii, genepalizovannyx zapazheniyax gpibkom (mikoz in tom chicle, kandidoz) DURING vipucnoy infektsii in octpoy or xponicheckoy faze.
It is forbidden to take this drug as a method of vaccination, when active tuberculosis, symptomatic psichicacheki patologiya.

C ostopozhnctyu
It is necessary to observe the condition when the drug is used. Give birth to patients with any form of caspatode, and also for non-specific infectious diseases, in this case, if the staphylococcus is not present, stent.
The condition requires the use of drugs in patients with latent tuberculosis, as well as comfort, the first – the third type.

!!!The use of drugs should be done solely – it is imperative to take an active dose of the doc- tation medication without help!!!

How to accept
The official instruction on the use of drugs Prednisone indicates that dosylvania and the return of the regimen are established individually by the lactating physician in the presence of the severity of the columoric system and the invasive prac- tice.
Suppovyaschie dosizkovki should be appointed after the release of the desired tepepevticheskogo effekta. The pacchet of the supporting force depends on the specified positioning in the active mode – the supporting force must be three times smaller than the one in the active mode.
At the lack of efficiency and in the solution of the lucid dentistry, the initial dosage can be 0.1 g, sup- pressive-0.015 g., While reducing the patient’s concentration of the neopodoma.
A search for the use of a detonator in a hotel paccounts from the body of the body. Paccitannoe a large number of drugs should be allocated for five times.
Single-dose mosaic dosage – not more than 15 mg, cotochnaya – not more than 100 mg. When the outbreak of unhealthy situations, life-threatening conditions, and also when there are shocking things, it is possible to introduce large amounts of equipment under the eye of a doctor.

Side Effects
Lechenie pepperatom can cause such unhealthy effects, such as low resistance to infectious and viral diseases, development of hyperemia, as well as inflammation before the middle child.
Bozmozhnye pobochnye effekty takie, kak nekpozipovanie koctnoy tkani, povyshenie kiclotnocti zheludka and HOW cledctvie, bolevoy cindpom, gipokaliemiya, zadepzhka and water at natpiya in opganizme c otechnoctyu FACE and konechnoctey in pezultate.
It is possible to observe the development of the Ischenka-Cushing syndrome, the increase in the volume of other active objects, the katapakt of the stereotype, which is hidden by the eye, the inapplicability of the cycle of ideas in women.
Co of the system of the central nervous system is also marked by such an irrelevant nature of the reception of the Princess, as if the sleep mode was switched off, the girl in bed, slept in the muscles, the pace of the hand.

When the rotation of the laser is switched off, the Prednisone is possible to develop the Syndrome, which is linked to the reduction of the function of the bag of opacifiers and their assaults.
Avoid the side effects and minimize the likelihood of their manifestations may be hard, pinched individually individual doses.

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Antibiotic “Amoxil”: instructions for use, testimonials.

Active Ingredient: Amoxicillin.

Other names for this medication:
Acimox, Alfamox, Almodan, Aloxyn, Amix, Amoclen, Amoksicilin, Amopen, Amoram, Amox, Amoxi, Amoxicilina, Amoxicillinum, Amoxiline, Amoxisol, Amoxivet, Amoxypen, Amurol, Apo-amoxi, Bimoxan, Bristamox, Cipmox, Clamoxyl, Flemoxin, Flemoxon, Galenamox, Gimalxina, Hidramox, Hydramox, Larotid, Lupimox, Moxa, Moxicillin, Novamoxin, Nu-amoxi, Ospamox, Penamox, Penimox, Polymox, Raylina, Reloxyl, Rimoxallin, Robamox, Servamox, Sintedix, Solciclina, Stacillin, Sumox, Tolodina, Utimox, Velamox, Wymox, Zimox.

Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics
The main active substance of “Amoxil” is amoxicillin trihydrate. As auxiliary components, calcium stearate, potato starch and low molecular weight medical polyvinylpyrrolidone act. The main component, amoxicillin, is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that is part of the aminopenicillin group.
The substance is characterized by a bactericidal mechanism of action, which is an active suppression of the synthesis of the cell wall of bacteria sensitive to amoxicillin. In the sphere of influence of amoxicillin, there are such well-known gram-positive bacteria as staphylococcus and streptococcus.
The drug is active against a number of gram-negative and anaerobic microorganisms. In tandem with metronidazole, it affects bacteria that promote the development of peptic ulcer in the stomach and duodenum.

Getting inside the body, the antibiotic “Amoxil“, the instruction of which describes in detail all the information about the drug, is actively absorbed and after 2 hours reaches the maximum concentration in the blood serum. Half-life from the body is 1.5 hours. The drug appears through the kidneys almost unchanged (60-70%).

Main Customers
Since “Amoxil” has a wide sphere of influence, the patients taking the drug are people with a variety of diseases. Tablets “Amoxil” instruction recommends that patients suffering from respiratory tract infections: upper (tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis media) and lower (pneumonia, bronchitis). It is also effective in the treatment of diseases of the bile duct and gastrointestinal tract.

Diseases of the urinary system are also amenable to “Amoxil“. Here we can talk about pyelonephritis, cystitis, asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnant women. In addition, medical experts prescribe medication in the treatment of acute stages of uncomplicated gonorrhea, infections of the skin and soft tissues.

In addition, its combined (together with other drugs) application is possible and quite effective. “Amoxil” in tandem with clarithromycin or metronidazole is used for therapeutic therapy in diseases of the digestive system, provoked by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori (chronic forms of gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcers).

Who is not recommended to take “Amoxil”?
Drug medication is contraindicated for people who are hypersensitive to the main active ingredient, auxiliary components, groups of penicillins and cephalosporins. Do not take this medication with mononucleosis and lymphocytic leukemia.
The joint appointment of “Amoxil” with metronidazole is unacceptable for diseases of the nervous system, deviations in the work of the hematopoiesis system. In the same tandem, it is not possible to prescribe a drug to patients younger than 18 years of age suffering from gastrointestinal diseases that are accompanied by prolonged vomiting or diarrhea.

Also, “Amoxil“, the instruction for the application of which describes in detail the contraindications to taking the drug, is forbidden to admit patients suffering from severe pathologies and abnormalities in the functioning of the liver. It is inadmissible to use alcohol during the combined treatment course.

Dosage regimens
Drug medication is manufactured by manufacturers in tablets with a dosage of 250, 500 and 625 mg. “Amoxil” is prescribed inside regardless of food intake. Dosage and treatment regimen is selected by the doctor taking into account the disease and the severity of the patient’s condition. For adults and children over 10 years of age (with a body weight of at least 40 kg), a single dose should be from 250 to 500 mg. In especially severe conditions, up to 1 gram of the drug “Amoxil” is prescribed.

Regardless of the patient’s age, the interval between doses should be at least 8 hours. In people with abnormalities in kidney function, the interval between doses should be increased to 12 hours. For individuals suffering from anuria, the daily norm of “Amoxil” can not exceed 2 grams.

In what cases is the drug “Amoxil-625″ prescribed? The instructions for use, in addition to all the above indications, recommend the use of this drug to suppress dental infections (including the treatment of dentoalveolar abscess), as well as joint and bone infections (including osteomyelitis). Effective medicament in this dosage for septic abortions, postpartum and intra-abdominal sepsis, burns, abscesses and wound infections.

Features of the application of “Amoxil”
In the process of treatment with medication (especially in high doses), experts recommend maintaining adequate diuresis. To avoid the development of crystalluria, it is necessary to take a sufficient amount of liquid.
Long-term use of “Amoxil” or repeated treatment with the same drug after a short period of time can give an impetus to the development of superinfections and to accelerate the growth of a stable microflora. Regardless of the dosage (250 mg or “Amoxil” 500), the instruction manual recommends that children maintain oral hygiene, since the main active ingredient is able to change the color of the tooth enamel.
Patients whose professional activities are associated with performing works that require high concentration of attention, “Amoxil” should be administered with caution, since side effects from the nervous system are possible.

During lactation it is undesirable to take this medicine, as it is excreted in breast milk, which can lead to sensitization of the baby (increased sensitivity to the active ingredient, the possibility of allergic reactions).

Any dosage of the drug, even Amoxil 250, is not recommended for women taking estrogen-containing contraceptives, since amoxicillin reduces their effectiveness. Slowed down the process of removing the drug through the kidneys, if in conjunction with “Amoxil” the patient takes indomethacin, acetylsallicyl acid (aspirin), sulfinpyrazone, oxyphenbutazone, phenylbutazone.

Exceeding the permissible dose
Symptoms of excess of a single dosage of medication are: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, deviation from the norm of water electrolyte balance. To eliminate the consequences, gastric lavage is performed, the use of absorbent drugs (in particular activated charcoal), saline laxatives is prescribed, measures are taken to correct the water-electrolyte balance. In especially severe cases, a hemodialysis procedure may be required (purification of blood outside the kidneys).

Possible side effects
What side effects does the antibiotic “Amoxil” have? Instructions for use describe possible problems from various body systems.
The gastrointestinal tract can respond to the reception of “Amoxil” with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. In more severe cases, it is possible to develop hemorrhagic or pseudomembranous colitis, candidiasis of the intestine. From the side of the urinary system, interstitial nephritis is often observed. Manifestations of the same disease can be expected from the hemopoietic system. Also sometimes thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, hemolytic anemia, crystalluria develops. A negative reaction to “Amoxil” from the side of the nervous system can be expressed in the appearance of convulsions, dizziness and the state of hyperactivity.
Sometimes there are all kinds of allergic reactions (rash, itching, hives, conjunctivitis, allergic vasculitis, angioedema).

What else is dangerous, “Amoxil”? Instruction, patient reviews and numerous studies confirm that the action of the drug can trigger the development of anaphylaxis, multiforme erythema, candidiasis of the mucous membranes and skin, cholestatic jaundice, hepatitis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome (malignant erythema).

“Amoxil” and angina
Angina in the people is called the infectious process, which manifests itself in the inflammation of the components of the lymphatic pharyngeal ring. Most often, tonsils are involved in the process. Inflammation is caused by streptococci or staphylococci. In most cases, to combat this bacterial disease, medical professionals prefer to use antibiotics penicillin group. One of these drugs is “Amoxil“.
Tablets instructions for use recommend appointing regardless of food intake. In this case, they should be swallowed whole and washed down with water. Usually the drug is taken at intervals of not less than 8 hours. However, the treatment regimen and dosage can be selected individually by the attending physician depending on the severity of the patient’s condition.
Pediatricians usually receive pediatricians for treatment of “Amoxil” 250. The instruction describes dosage regimens depending on the age and weight of the child. Babies under 2 years are usually prescribed a daily rate equal to 30 mg of the drug per kilogram of weight. The total dose should be divided into 3 doses. Children of the age group from 2 to 5 years once a day prescribed 125 mg of medicament.
Starting from the age of 5 and up to 10 years, a single daily intake is 250 mg. From 12 years old, one tablet (625 mg) is prescribed for adolescents from the age of 12 for the treatment of angina. The interval between doses is 12 hours.

To treat bacterial sore throat in adult patients, therapists prescribe “Amoxil” 500. The instructions for use describe the treatment regimen in the form of a single dose of 500 mg. In the case of a severe process, the doctor may prescribe a single dose of the drug to 1 gram. The maximum daily dose for angina should not exceed 6 grams. “Amoxil” at a dosage of 625 mg is often prescribed in the treatment of tonsillitis.
Tablets are taken once with an interval of 12 hours. If a patient suffers chronic renal failure, he is prescribed a dose of 625 mg once a day for angina. Patients on hemodialysis after taking the procedure additionally take 1 tablet of the drug.

!!!In any case, the scheme of therapy with the drug “Amoxil” with angina should be selected by the treating doctor.!!!

Interaction of “Amoxil” with other drugs
As mentioned earlier, the use of Amkosil by women using oral contraceptives is undesirable, since the effectiveness of the latter is reduced. In addition, the development of bleeding is possible. If the patient suffers from cardiovascular diseases (in particular, arrhythmia) and takes digoxin, simultaneous reception of “Amoxil” will strengthen it (digoxin) absorption.
With the simultaneous administration of drugs that have a bacteriostatic effect (macrolides, tetracyclines, chloramphenicol) and “Amoxil” medication, the instructions for use inform the patients that the bactericidal action of amoxicillin, the main active ingredient in Amoxil, will be neutralized. If, for any reason, there was a need for an intensive diuresis (abundant drinking and simultaneous use of diuretics), the concentration of medication in the body will be lowered.
With the simultaneous administration of “Amoxil” and “Allopurinol” (prescribed for patients with elevated levels of uric acid in the blood), the frequency of allergic reactions from the skin can increase. Unsuitable joint administration of antacids (medications intended for the treatment of acid-dependent gastrointestinal diseases by neutralizing the hydrochloric acid of gastric juice) and the drug “Amoxil” (tablets) is not desirable.
Instruction for use informs that in this case the absorption of amoxicillin will be reduced. Carefully appointed a complex method of “Amoxil” and anticoagulants (substances and medications that depress the blood clotting system and prevent thrombosis). In this case, continuous monitoring of prothrombin time is necessary, since the probability of bleeding is quite high. Manifestations from the digestive system in the form of diarrhea reduce the absorption of drugs, as a result of which the action of “Amoxil” worsens.
The use of this antibiotic can reduce the content of estradiol (the most active female sex hormone – estrogen) in the urine of pregnant women.

In any case, no matter how simple the patient might feel his illness, self-medication is an unacceptably frivolous attitude to one’s own health. A drug that successfully cured a sore throat to a colleague at work can cause a lot of side effects in another patient, starting with a rash on the skin and ending with irreversible lesions of certain organs and systems that can cost you not only health but also life.
The modern pharmaceutical market is so complex and diverse that only a highly qualified medical specialist is able to understand all these scientific terms, doses and schemes, and to develop a course of treatment therapy individually for each individual patient, taking into account his state of health, while minimizing the risk of side effects .

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Clinical and pharmacological group
Antibiotic of the tetracycline group.

Pharmachologic effect
Semisynthetic tetracycline, bacteriostatic broad-spectrum antibiotic. Penetrating into the cell, acts on intracellularly located pathogens. Suppresses the synthesis of proteins in a microbial cell, disrupts the binding of the transport aminoacyl RNA to the 30S subunit of the ribosomal membrane.
Gram-positive microorganisms are highly sensitive to it: Staphylococcus spp. (including Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis), Streptococcus spp. (including Streptococcus pneumoniae), Clostridium spp., Listeria spp .; Actinomyces israeli; and Gram-negative microorganisms: Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Neisseria meningitidis, Haemophilus influenzae, Klebsiella spp., Escherichia coli, Shigella spp., Enterobacter, Salmonella spp., Bordetella pertussis. Bacteroides spp., Treponema spp. (including strains resistant to other antibiotics, such as modern penicillins and cephalosporins). The most sensitive are Haemophilus influenzae (91-96%) and intracellular pathogens.
Doxycycline is active against most pathogens of dangerous infectious diseases: plague (Yersinia spp.), Tularemia (Francisella tularensis), anthrax (Bacillus anthracis), legionella (Legionella spp.), Brucella (Brucella spp.), Cholera vibrio (Vibrio cholera) , Rickettsia (Rickettsia spp.), glanders pathogens (Actinobacillus mallei), Chlamydia (psittacosis pathogens (Chlamydia psittaci), psittacosis (Rickettsiaformis psittacosi), trachoma (Chlamydia trachomatis ;, venereal granuloma (Calymmatobacterium granulomatis), malaria (Plasmodium falciparum), amoebic dysentery (Entamoeba histolytica).

It acts on most proteic strains, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and fungi.
To a lesser extent than other antibiotics of the tetracycline, it oppresses the intestinal flora, differs from them by a more complete absorption and longer duration of action. By the degree of antibacterial activity, doxycycline is superior to natural tetracyclines. In contrast to tetracycline and oxytetracycline, it has higher therapeutic efficacy, which is manifested by treatment in 10 times smaller doses, and a longer action. There is cross-resistance to other tetracyclines, as well as to penicillins.

Absorption is fast and high (about 100%). The intake of food has no significant effect on the degree of absorption. Has a high degree of solubility in lipids and a low affinity for the binding of calcium ions (Ca2 +). After oral administration of 200 mg the time to reach the maximum concentration in blood plasma is 2.5 hours, the maximum concentration in the blood plasma is 2.5 μg / ml, after 24 hours after the intake – 1.25 μg / ml.
The connection with plasma proteins is 80-93%. It penetrates well into organs and tissues; 30-45 minutes after ingestion is found in therapeutic concentrations in the liver, kidneys, lungs, spleen, bones, teeth, prostate gland, eye tissues, pleural and ascitic fluids, bile, synovial exudate, exudate of maxillary sinuses and frontal sinuses, in fluid gingival sulci. Poor penetration into the cerebrospinal fluid (10-20% of the plasma level). Penetrates through the placental barrier, is determined in human milk. The volume of distribution is 0.7 l / kg.
Metabolised in the liver 30-60%. The half-life is 10-16 hours (basically 12-14 hours, on the average – 16.3 hours). With repeated administration, the drug can accumulate. It accumulates in the reticulo-endothelial system and bone tissue. In bones and teeth, it forms insoluble complexes with calcium ions (Ca2 +). It is excreted with bile, where it is found in high concentration. It is subjected to intestinal-hepatic recirculation, is excreted by the intestine (20-60%); 40% of the dose is given by the kidneys for 72 hours (of which 20-50% is unchanged), in severe chronic renal failure, only 1-5%.
In patients❛ with impaired renal function or azotemia, gastrointestinal secretion is an important way of excretion.

⊳Infectious-inflammatory❛ diseases caused by sensitive microorganisms: respiratory tract infections (pharyngitis, acute and chronic bronchitis, tracheitis, bronchopneumonia, lobar pneumonia, lung abscess, pleural empyema);

⊳infections❛ of the ENT organs (otitis media, tonsillitis, sinusitis, etc.);

⊳infections❛ of the genitourinary system (cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, urethritis, urethrocystitis, urogenital mycoplasmosis, endometritis, endocervicitis, acute orchypididitis, gonorrhea);

⊳infections❛ of the biliary tract and gastrointestinal tract (cholecystitis, cholangitis, gastroenterocolitis, bacterial dysentery, traveler’s diarrhea);

⊳infections❛ of the skin and soft tissues (phlegmon, abscess, furunculosis, panaritium, infected burns, wounds, etc.);

⊳infectious❛ diseases of the eyes, syphilis, yawsinosis, legionellosis, rickettsiosis, chlamydia of various localizations (including prostatitis and proctitis), fever Koo, spotted fever of❛ the Rocky❛ Mountains, typhus (including mucous, tick-borne, recurrent) , Lyme disease (I v. – erythema migrans), bacillary and amoebic dysentery, tularemia, cholera, actinomycosis, malaria;

⊳in the combination❛ therapy – leptospirosis, trachoma, psittacosis, ornithosis, granulocyte erlichiosis;

⊳whooping❛ cough, brucellosis, osteomyelitis;

⊳sepsis, subacute septic❛ endocarditis, peritonitis;

⊳prevention of❛ postoperative purulent complications;

⊳malaria caused by Plasmodium❛ falciparum, during short trips (less than 4 months) in a territory where strains resistant to❛ chloroquine and / or pyrimethamine sulfadoxine are common;

As a preparation of the “first” series, patients under 65 years of age are exacerbated with exacerbation of chronic bronchitis (including bronchial asthma) without concomitant diseases (these exacerbations are often caused by Haemophilus influenzae). Effective with exacerbation of bronchopulmonary infection (usually staphylococcal etiology) in patients with cystic fibrosis, chlamydial arthritis, granulocyte erlichiosis. In elderly patients it is used to treat acute prostatitis and urinary infection caused by Escherichia coli.

⇨hypersensitivity to doxycycline, drug components, other tetracyclines;
⇨deficiency of lactase;
⇨Lactose intolerance;
⇨glucose-galactose malabsorption;
⇨Severe hepatic impairment;
⇨Children’s age (up to 12 years – the possibility of formation of insoluble complexes with calcium ions (Ca2 +) with deposition in the bone skeleton, enamel and dentin teeth);
⇨Children aged after 12 years with a body weight of up to 45 kg.

Inside, in adults and children over 12 years with a body weight of more than 45 kg, the average daily dose is 200 mg on the first day (divided into 2 divided doses – 100 mg twice a day), then 100 mg / day.
In chronic infections of the urinary system – 200 mg / day throughout the period of therapy.
In the treatment of gonorrhea, one of the following regimens is prescribed: acute uncomplicated urethritis – a course dose of 500 mg (1 reception – 300 mg, subsequent 2 – 100 mg at 6-hour intervals) or 100 mg / day until complete cure (in women) or 100 mg 2 times a day for 7 days (in men); with complicated forms of gonorrhea, the course dose is 800-900 mg, which is divided into 6-7 receptions (300 mg – 1 reception, then at an interval of 6 hours for 5-6 follow-up).
In the treatment of syphilis – 300 mg / day for at least 10 days.
In uncomplicated infections of the urethra, cervix and rectum caused by Chlamydia trachomatis, 100 mg are prescribed twice a day for at least 7 days.
Infections of male genital organs – 100 mg twice a day for 4 weeks. Treatment of malaria resistant to chloroquine – 200 mg / day for 7 days (in combination with shizontocidal drugs – quinine); malaria prophylaxis -100 mg once a day 1-2 days before the trip, then daily during the trip and for 4 weeks after return;
Diarrhea “travelers” (prevention) – 200 mg on the first day of the trip (for 1 dose or 100 mg twice a day), 100 mg once a day during the entire stay in the region (no more than 3 weeks).
Treatment of leptospirosis – 100 mg orally 2 times a day for 7 days; prophylaxis of leptospirosis – 200 mg once a week during a stay in a dysfunctional area and 200 mg at the end of the trip.
Prevention of infections after medical abortion – 100 mg for 1 hour before abortion and 200 mg – 30 minutes after.
With acne – 100 mg / day, the course – 6-12 weeks.
Maximum daily doses for adults – up to 300 mg / day or 600 mg / day for 5 days with severe gonococcal infections.
In the presence of severe hepatic insufficiency, a decrease in the daily dose of doxycycline is required, since in this case a gradual accumulation of it in the body takes place (the risk of hepatotoxic action).

Side effects
From the side of the nervous system: a benign increase in intracranial pressure (decreased appetite, vomiting, headache, edema of the optic nerve disc), toxic effects on the central nervous system (dizziness or instability),
Metabolic disorders: anorexia.
From the organs of hearing and the vestibular apparatus: ringing in the ears.
From the side of vision: blurred vision, scotoma and diplopia as a result of increased intracranial pressure.
From the digestive system: nausea, constipation or diarrhea, abdominal pain, glossitis, dysphagia, esophagitis (including erosive), gastritis, ulceration of the stomach and duodenum, pseudomembranous colitis, enterocolitis (due to the proliferation of resistant Staphylococcus strains ).
Allergic reactions: maculopapular rash, skin itching, skin hyperemia, angioedema, anaphylactoid reactions, drug lupus erythematosus, erythematous rash, exfoliative dermatitis, urticaria, anaphylaxis, anaphylactic shock, anaphylactoid reactions, Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
From the cardiovascular system: pericarditis, lowering blood pressure, tachycardia, erythema multiforme.
From the hemopoiesis: hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, neutropenia, leukopenia, eosinophilia, a decrease in the prothrombin index.
On the part of the hepatobiliary system: a violation of the liver, increased levels of hepatic transaminases, autoimmune hepatitis, cholestasis.
Musculoskeletal: arthralgia, myalgia.
Impaired renal and urinary tract function: Increased level of residual urea nitrogen.
Other: photosensitization, superinfection; stable change in the color of tooth enamel, inflammation in the anogenital zone. Candidiasis (vaginitis, glossitis, stomatitis, proctitis), dysbacteriosis, a syndrome similar to serum sickness, toxic epidermal necrolysis.

Symptoms: with the introduction of high doses, especially in patients with impaired liver function, neurotoxic ❃Reactions may appear: dizziness, nausea, vomiting, convulsions, impaired consciousness due to increased intracranial pressure.
Treatment: drug withdrawal, gastric lavage with activated charcoal, symptomatic therapy, inside appoint antacids and magnesium sulfate to prevent the absorption of doxycycline. There is no specific antidote. Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are ineffective.

Drug Interactions
Absorption is reduced by antacids containing salts of aluminum (Al3 +), calcium (Ca2 +) and magnesium (Mg2 +), iron preparations (Fe), sodium hydrogen carbonate, laxatives containing magnesium salts (Mg2 +), colestyramine and colestipol, therefore their use should be divided an interval of 3 hours.
In connection with the suppression of the intestinal microflora reduces the prothrombin index, which requires correction of the dose of indirect anticoagulants.
When combined with bactericidal antibiotics that disrupt the synthesis of the cell wall (penicillins, cephalosporins), the effectiveness of the latter is reduced. Reduces the reliability of contraception and increases the frequency of bleeding “breakthrough” against the background of taking estrogen-containing oral contraceptives.
Ethanol, barbiturates, rifampicin, carbamazepine, phenytoin and other stimulants of microsomal oxidation, accelerating the metabolism of doxycycline, reduce its concentration in the plasma.
With simultaneous use with methoxyflurane, it is possible to develop acute renal failure, up to a lethal outcome.
Simultaneous use of retinol helps increase intracranial pressure.

Special instructions
To prevent locally irritating effect (esophagitis, gastritis, ulceration of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract) it is recommended to take in the daytime hours with a lot of liquid, food. In connection with the possible development of photosensitization, it is necessary to limit the insolation during treatment and for 4-5 days after it. With prolonged use, periodic monitoring of liver function, hematopoiesis is necessary. May mask the manifestations of syphilis, in connection with which, with the possibility of a mixed infection, a monthly serological analysis is necessary for 4 months. All tetracyclines form stable complexes with calcium ions (Ca2 +) in any bone-forming tissue. In this regard, reception during the development of teeth can cause long-term staining of teeth in yellow-gray-brown color, as well as hypoplasia of the enamel. Perhaps a false increase in the level of catecholamines in urine when determined by the fluorescent method. In the study of the thyroid biopsy in patients who have been receiving doxycycline for a long time, it is possible to dark brown staining of the tissue in micropreparations without disturbing its function.
In the experiment, it has been established that doxycycline can exert a toxic effect on the development of the fetus (delay in the development of the skeleton) – blocks metalloproteases (enzymes that catalyze the degradation of collagen and proteoglycans) in the cartilage, leading to a reduction in lesions in deforming osteoarthritis. When the dose is increased above 4 g, the pharmacokinetics of doxycycline does not depend on the dose and the concentration in the blood does not increase.
When using the drug, both on the background of taking and 2-3 weeks after stopping treatment, it is possible to develop diarrhea caused by Clostridium difficile. In light cases, it is sufficient to cancel treatment and use ion-exchange resins (colestyramine, colestipol), in severe cases, compensation for loss of fluid, electrolytes and protein, the appointment of vancomycin, bacitracin or metronidazole. Do not use drugs that inhibit the intestinal motility.
Impact on the ability to drive vehicles and manage mechanisms
Patients should refrain from all activities requiring increased attention, rapid mental and motor.

Pregnancy and lactemia
The use of the drug during pregnancy is contraindicated, because, penetrating the placenta, the drug can disrupt the normal development of the teeth, inhibit the growth of the bones of the fetal skeleton, and also cause fatty liver infiltration.
During the lactation period, the use of doxycycline is contraindicated. In case of need of application of a preparation, for the period of treatment feeding by a breast should be stopped.

Application in childhood
Contraindicated for children under 12 years of age (the possibility of formation of insoluble complexes with calcium ions (Ca2 +) with deposition in the bone skeleton, enamel and dentin of the teeth); and children aged after 12 years with a body weight of up to 45 kg.
Application is possible in children older than 12 years with a body weight of more than 45 kg according to the dosing regimen.

With violations of liver function
Contraindicated in severe hepatic insufficiency. In the presence of severe hepatic insufficiency, a decrease in the daily dose of doxycycline is required, since in this case a gradual accumulation of it in the body takes place (the risk of hepatotoxic action).

Terms and conditions of storage
In a dry, protected from light place at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children. Shelf life – 4 years.

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Other names of Doxycycline: Actidox, Acti doxy, Ambrodoxy, Ambroxol, Amermycin, Antodox, Apdox, Asidox, Asolmicina, Atridox, Bactidox, Bassado, Bidoxi, Bio-doxi, Biodoxi, Biomoxin, Bistor, Bronmycin, By-mycin, Calierdoxina, Ciclidoxan, Ciclonal, Clinofug d, Compomix, Cyclidox, Deoxymykoin, Docdoxycy, Dohixat, Doksiciklin, Doksin, Doksy, Doksycyklina, Doprovet, Doryx, Dosil, Dotur, Dovicin, Doxacil, Doxacin, Doxakne, Doxam, Doxat, Doxi-1, Doxiac, Doxibiot, Doxibiotic, Doxibrom, Doxicap, Doxiciclina, Doxicin, Doxiclat, Doxiclin, Doxicline, Doxiclival, Doxiclor, Doxicon, Doxicor, Doxicrisol, Doxigen, Doxil, Doxilina, Doximal, Doximar, Doximicina, Doximycin, Doxine, Doxinyl, Doxipan, Doxiplus, Doxirobe, Doxiryl, Doxitab, Doxiten bio, Doxitin, Doxivet, Doxivit, Doxlin, Doxoral, Doxsig, Doxy, Doxybene, Doxycap, Doxycat, Doxycin, Doxyclin, Doxycyclin, Doxycyclinum, Doxycyl, Doxydar, Doxyderm, Doxyderma, Doxydyn, Doxyfar, Doxyferm, Doxyhexal, Doxylag, Doxylan, Doxylets, Doxylin, Doxylis, Doxymax, Doxymed, Doxymina, Doxymix, Doxymono, Doxymycin, Doxypal, Doxypalu, Doxypharm, Doxyphat, Doxyprex, Doxyprotect, Doxyratio, Doxyseptin, Doxysina, Doxysol, Doxyson, Doxystad, Doxytab, Doxytrex, Doxyval, Doxyvet, Doxyveto, Doxyvit, Dumoxin, Duradox, E-doxy, Efracea, Esteveciclina, Etidoxina, Fatrociclina, Frakas, Granudoxy, Grodoxin, Heska, Hiramicin, Impalamycin, Impedox, Interdoxin, Ladoxyn, Lenticiline, Mardox, Mededoxi, Medidox, Medomycin, Megadox, Microdox, Microvibrate, Mildox, Miraclin, Monadox, Monocline, Monodoks, Monodoxin, Mydox, Novimax, Oracea, Oraycea, Oriodox, Ornicure, Otosal, Paldomycin, Peledox, Periostat, Perlium doxyval, Piperamycin, Pluridoxina, Primadox, Proderma, Protectina, Psittavet, Pulmodox, Rasenamycin, Relyomycin, Remicyn, Remycin, Reomycin, Respidox, Retens, Rexilen, Ronaxan, Rudocyclin, Servidoxyne, Siclidon, Sigadoxin, Similitine, Smilitene, Soldoxin, Soludox, Spanor, Subramycin, Tabernil, Tasmacyclin akne, Teradoxin, Tolexine, Unidox, Unidox solutab, Velacin, Verboril, Vetadoxi, Vetridox, Vibazine, Vibra, Vibracina, Vibradox, Vibramicina, Vibramycin, Vibramycine n, Vibranord, Vibravenosa, Vibravet, Vidox, Vitrocin, Vivradoxil, Wanmycin, Zadorin.

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Active substance
Active ingredient: vardenafil (vardenafil)
Rec.INN registered WHO
Dosage Form
Tab., cover. film coating is 5 mg: 1, 4 or 20 units.
Composition, structure and packing
The tablets covered with a film cover from light orange to gray-orange, round, biconcave, slightly rough, embossed with “5” on one side and the Bayer Cross trademark – on the other.
1 tab.
vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate 5,926 mg,
which corresponds to the content of 5 mg vardenafil
Other ingredients: crospovidone – 4.35 mg magnesium stearate – 870 mg, microcrystalline cellulose – 75,419 mg colloidal anhydrous silica – 435 micrograms.
Cover structure: macrogol 400 – 555 mg, Valium – 1.664 mg of titanium dioxide – 455 mg, yellow iron oxide – 92 mg, iron oxide red – 7 g.
1 PC. – Blisters (1) – packs cardboard.
4 things. – Blisters (1) – packs cardboard.
The tablets covered with a film cover from light orange to gray-orange, round, biconcave, slightly rough, embossed with “10” on one side and the Bayer Cross trademark – on the other.
1 tab.
vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate 11,852 mg,
which corresponds to the content of 10 mg vardenafil
Other ingredients: crospovidone – 6.25 mg magnesium stearate – 1.25 mg, microcrystalline cellulose – 105,023 mg colloidal anhydrous silica – 625 micrograms.
Cover structure: macrogol 400 – 797 mg, Valium – 2.391 mg of titanium dioxide – 653 micrograms of iron oxide yellow – 133 g, iron oxide red – 11 micrograms.
1 PC. – Blisters (1) – packs cardboard.
4 things. – Blisters (1) – packs cardboard.
The tablets covered with a film cover from light orange to gray-orange, round, biconcave, slightly rough, embossed with “20” on one side and the Bayer Cross trademark – on the other.
1 tab.
vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate 23,705 mg,
which corresponds to the content of 20 mg vardenafil
Other ingredients: crospovidone – 8.85 mg magnesium stearate – 1.77 mg, microcrystalline cellulose – 141,797 mg colloidal anhydrous silica – 885 micrograms.
Cover structure: macrogol 400 – 1.128 mg, Valium – 3.385 mg of titanium dioxide – 925 micrograms of iron oxide yellow – 188 g, iron oxide red – 15 micrograms.
1 PC. – Blisters (1) – packs cardboard.
4 things. – Blisters (1) – packs cardboard.

– Erectile dysfunction (inability to achieve and maintain an erection necessary for sexual intercourse).
ICD-10 code reading
F52.2 Lack of genital response (psychogenic impotence)
N48.4 Impotence of organic origin

Side effect
From the central and peripheral nervous system: ≥10% – headache; ≥1% – dizziness; ≥0.1% – <1% – lethargy; ≥0.01% – <0.1% – anxiety, fainting.
Cardio-vascular system: ≥10% – tides (periodic sudden reddening of the face, the sensation of heat); ≥0.1% – <1% – increase in blood pressure, reduced blood pressure, orthostatic hypotension; ≥0.01% – <0.1% – angina, myocardial ischemia.
From the digestive system: ≥1% – <10% – indigestion, nausea; ≥0.1% – <1% – change liver function tests (increased ALT, AST, GGT).
The respiratory system: ≥1% – <10% – congestive hyperemia of the nasal mucosa (mucosal edema, rhinitis, rhinorrhea); ≥0.1% – <1% – shortness of breath, nosebleeds; ≥0.01% – <0.1% – swelling of the larynx.
From a sight organ: ≥0.1% – <1% – increased lacrimation, blurred vision (of brightness); ≥0.01% – <0.1% – increased intraocular pressure.
Dermatological reactions: ≥0.1% – <1% – swelling of the face, photosensitivity.
From the musculoskeletal system: ≥0.1% – <1% – myalgia, back pain, increased CPK; ≥0.01% – <0.1% – increase in muscle tone. On the part of the reproductive system:> 0.01% – <0.1% – elongation erection or painful erection,priapism.
Other: ≥0.01% – <0.1% – hypersensitivity reactions.
There are rare post-marketing reports of cases of anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (PINZN), which leads to impaired vision, including permanent loss of vision associated in time with taking PDE5 inhibitors, including and Levitra, patients, many of whom have concomitant risk factors for developing this condition, such as an anatomical defect of the optic nerve, age over 50, diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, hyperlipidemia and smoking. Not determined whether the development PINZN connected directly with PDE5 inhibitors or with existing patient associated cardiovascular risk factors and anatomical defect, or a combination of these factors, or other causes.
Reported cases of visual disturbances, including the temporary or permanent loss of vision, which are linked in time with taking PDE5 inhibitors, including and Levitra. Not installed, whether these cases directly with taking PDE5 inhibitors, or with concomitant vascular risk factors, or other causes.

– Simultaneous treatment with nitrates or drugs, which are nitric oxide donators;
– Combination with HIV protease inhibitors such as indinavir, or ritonavir;
– Hypersensitivity to the drug.
The drug is not intended for use in children and adolescents under the age of 16 years.
Caution should be used in patients with congenital prolongation of the interval QT, with anatomical deformation of the penis (contortion, cavernous fibrosis, Peyronie’s disease), diseases predisposing to priapism (sickle-cell anemia, multiple myeloma, leukemia), severe hepatic impairment, kidney disease in the terminal stage, hypotension (systolic pressure at rest less than 90 mmHg), recent stroke and myocardial infarction, unstable angina, hereditary retinal degenerative diseases (such as retinitis pigmentosa), with a tendency to bleeding and aggravation peptic ulcer disease, aortic stenosis and idiopathic hypertrophic subaortal stenosis.
Pregnancy and breast-feeding
The preparation is not intended for use in women.
Application for violations of liver function
With care use in patients with severe hepatic dysfunction.
In patients with severe hepatic slightly nedostatochnostyukorrektsii dosing regimen is required. In patients with moderate hepatic impairment initial dose is 5 mg sutki.Vdalneyshem depending on the efficacy and tolerability of treatment dose can be increased to 10 mg and then 20 mg.
Application for violations of renal function
With care use in patients with kidney disease in the terminal stage.
In patients with severe and moderate only slightly impaired renal function correct dosing regimen is not required

Use in children
The drug is not intended for use in children and adolescents under the age of 16 years.
Use in elderly patients
Correct dosing regimen in elderly patients is not required.
special instructions
Before prescribing the drug Levitra® (and other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction), the physician should evaluate the state of the cardiovascular system, as there is the risk of cardiac events during sexual activity.

Vardenafil has vasodilator properties, which may be accompanied by minor or moderate decrease in blood pressure.
Patients with obstruction of the outflow tract of the left ventricle such as aortic stenosis, idiopathic hypertrophic subaortal stenosis, can be sensitive to the action of vasodilators, including PDE5 inhibitors.
Men who do not show sexual activity due to concomitant cardiovascular disease, drugs to treat erectile dysfunction is not appointed.
Since Levitra® in therapeutic doses (10 mg) causes elongation of the QT interval, medication should not be prescribed to patients with congenital QT prolongation and those who are taking antiarrhythmics class IA (quinidine, procainamide) or Class III (amiodarone, sotalol).
The safety and efficacy of vardenafil in combination with other drugs to treat erectile dysfunction has not been studied, so their combined use is not recommended.

Safety of vardenafil has not been studied, and its use is not recommended for the following groups of patients: severe liver, kidney disease in the terminal stage, requiring dialysis, hypotension (systolic pressure at rest While taking Levitra and other PDE5 inhibitors have reported cases of transient visual loss and nearteriitnoy ischemic optic neuropathy. In the event of a sudden loss of the patient should stop taking Levitra and immediately consult a physician.

Combined therapy of alpha-blockers and vardenafil may be accompanied by the development of arterial hypotension with the appropriate clinical picture, because these drugs have vasodilating effects. The combined purpose of Levitra and an alpha-blocker is permissible only if the stable performance of BP in patients receiving alpha-blockers, while Levitra should be given to the minimum recommended dose of 5 mg. It should not take Levitra at the same time with an alpha-blocker, with the exception of tamsulosin which reception can coincide in time with the reception of vardenafil. If you receive a dose of Levitra selected alpha-blocker therapy should be started at the minimum dose. The gradual increase in the dose of alpha-blockers to patients receiving drugs from the group of PDE-5 inhibitors may result in further reduction of blood pressure.
Levitra dose should not exceed 5 mg when it is combined with erythromycin, ketoconazole, itraconazole. The dose of ketoconazole and itraconazole thus should not exceed 200 mg.
The combination with indinavir and ritonavir is contraindicated.
Since vardenafil has not been used in patients with a tendency to bleeding in patients with acute exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease, its purpose in these cases is possible only after a careful assessment of benefit-risk ratio of the therapy.
Vardenafil does not affect the duration of the bleeding, as it does not affect the rate in the combined use with acetylsalicylic acid.
Vardenafil not enhance platelet aggregation induced by different agents. The above therapeutic concentrations vardenafil causes a slight increase in antiplatelet action of sodium nitroprusside, which is a donor of nitric oxide.
Effect of heparin and vardenafil, while the use of the length of bleeding is not known.
Effect of vardenafil on the hypotensive effect of nitrates in patients not studied, so the combined purpose of Levitra and nitrates is contraindicated.
Use in Pediatrics
Vardenafil is not intended for use in children.
Effects on ability to drive vehicles and management mechanisms
Before prescribing the drug to patients who are driving a vehicle and work with the mechanisms necessary to clarify their individual response to Levitra.

Conditions and terms
The drug should be stored out of reach of children, dry place at temperatures no higher than 30 ° C. Shelf life – 3 years.

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Active Ingredient: Finasteride
Other names for this medication:
Alopec, Alopros, Alsteride, Ambulase, Andofin, Androfin, Andropel, Andropyl, Androstatin, Antiprost, Apeplus, Aprost, Ativol, Avertex, Borealis, Chibro-proscar,  Daric, Dilaprost,  Eucoprost, Finacapil, Finahair,  Finalop,  Finamed,  Finanorm, Finapil, Finar, Finarid, Finascar, Finaspros, Finaster, Finasterax, Finasterida, Finastéride, Finasteridum, Finasterin, Finastid, Finastir, Finazil, Fincar 5,  Finocar, Finol, Finpro, Finpros, Finprostat,  Finster, Fintex,  Fintral,  Fintrid, Finural, Firide, Fisterid, Fisteride, Fistrin, Flaxin, Flutiamik, Folcres, Folister, Fynasid, Gefina, Genaprost, Glopisine, Hyplafin, Kinscar, Lifin, Lopecia, Mostrafin, Nasteril, Nasterol, Penester, Poruxin, Pro-cure,  Prohair, Proleak, Pronor, Propeshia, Prosmin, Prostacide, Prostacom, Prostafin, Prostanil, Prostanorm, Prostanovag, Prostarinol, Prostasax, Prostene, Prosterid, Prosterit, Prostide, Q-prost, Recur,  Reduprost, Reduscar, Renacidin,  Reprostom, Sterakfin, Sutrico, Symasteride, Tealep, Tensen, Tricofarma, Ulgafen, Urototal, Vetiprost, Winfinas, Zasterid, Zerlon.

Propecia is a medicinal product that belongs to the group of inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase, used to treat baldness in representatives of the strong half of humanity.

What are the composition and form of the preparation of Propecia?
The active component of the drug Propecia is represented by finasteride, the◦ amount of which is 1 milligram per tablet. Data on excipients of medicament are absent.
Propecia is produced in tablets of pink color, biconvex, rounded. Supplied in polyethylene bottles of 90 and in blisters for 10 pieces. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to◦ buy a medicine.

What means does Propecia have?
Medication Propecia is intended for the treatment of hair loss (alopecia) in the male type. I will clarify that the basis of this disease is the◦ toxic damage of the hair follicles male sex hormone – testosterone. Sometimes you can find the term androgenic and androgenetic alopecia, which is inherently the same disease.

The defeat of the hair follicles is due to the activity of dihydrotestosterone, which is a biologically active form of◦ the male sex hormone.

Finasteride – an active component of the drug, is able to suppress the◦ reactions of biological synthesis of this substance, as well as partially block its effects.

The suppression of dihydrotestosterone inhibits the progression of alopecia, slows the processes underlying hair loss. In some cases, even partial restoration of◦ hair follicles is possible.

The first results of treatment should not be expected too soon. As a rule, at least 3 months must elapse before a noticeable relief of◦ symptoms occurs. The degree of restoration of hair follicles depends on many factors, in particular, on age, the presence of metabolic diseases, bad habits and other factors.

The effect of the drug is short. After the end of treatment, for a certain period, measured by several months, hair loss will inevitably continue.

Information on the◦ rate of absorption of the active substance from the intestine, as well as its distribution in the body is absent.

What are the medicines Propecia indications for use?
Propecia is indicated as an agent for the treatment and prevention of◦ male hair loss. There are no other conditions involving the use of this drug.

Before starting treatment, you should consult a specialist for a comprehensive examination, primarily aimed at determining the level of dihydrotestosterone.

What are the tablets Propecia contraindications for use?
Propecia is contraindicated in the presence of the following conditions:

☞Pregnancy and lactation;
☞Age is less than 12 years;
☞Individual intolerance.

⚠Women should not resort to the use of◦ this medication. In addition, it is strongly recommended during pregnancy to avoid contact with the drug, even given that the active substance of◦ the dosage form is covered with a special coating.

What are Propecia’s use and dosage?
It is usually recommended to take 1 tablet of the drug a day, regardless of food. Do not crush or crush the medicine. If desired, it is acceptable to◦ take the tablet with a small amount of water. It is better to take medication at regular intervals.

As mentioned above, treatment should be of a lasting nature, as a rule, the◦ maximum therapeutic effect develops one year after the start of treatment. For detailed information on the timing of treatment, contact your doctor. Dosage adjustment for patients of◦ the older age group is not required.

Overdose from Propecia
Data on the manifestation of an overdose of the◦ drug Propecia instruction on the application does not lead, because they do not exist. Even taking 8 tablets per day for a long period of time did not lead to any negative symptoms.

However, taking a high dose of medication does not help to increase the therapeutic effect. It is also worth considering the rather high cost of a single package of a drug.

What are the side effects of Propecia?
In most cases, taking the medication is not accompanied by the◦ development of undesirable consequences. Nevertheless, in some cases, the following symptoms can not be avoided: a decrease in libido (level of sexual desire), erectile dysfunction, a decrease in the volume of ejaculate, allergic manifestations in the◦ form of itching, swelling of the face, tenderness in the testicles.

Special instructions
With the simultaneous administration of drugs used to treat prostatitis, for example, Proscar or its analogues, it is possible to enhance the◦ effect of the latter and increase the incidence of side effects. In most cases, a separate specialist consultation will be required.

To treat hair loss should follow a comprehensive campaign. To begin with, it is necessary to exclude any diseases that, one way or another, can lead to the◦ development of such symptoms. In addition, one should not write off the◦ importance of rational nutrition, the rejection of bad habits, the fight against stress.

In addition, combined methods of treatment, suggesting the use of drugs like Propecia, as well as the use of◦ ointment, cream and gel, are well proven.

The patient should be instructed to use the prescribed medication alone. Be healthy!

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Active substance: Tadalafil

Description and user Cialis

Cialis is a drug, under the influence of men whose erectile function is restored. Active ingredient of this drug is tadalafil. It relieves the spasm arteries that supply blood to the penis. Filling blood becomes full, so that it becomes possible erection. It should be emphasized that the onset of effect is not only influenced by Cialis, and occurs only when a man feels sexually aroused. In other words, the drug contributes to the normalization of the natural biological functions, rather than a substitute for, or an imitation.

Pharmacological form Cialis – pills. To the preparation instruction manual, which is a diagram of the use of medication and dosage. Contraindications to the use is individual intolerance to the drug and its components. Also, the drug is not recommended for use in patients who are under eighteen years old. Cialis is not combined with drugs, which are organic nitrates.

Caution should be used for patients who have hepatic or renal dysfunction, cardiovascular problems with the system. In this case, Cialis may indirectly affect the weak systems and organs. As a side effect while taking this drug may experience phenomena such as digestive disorder, headache. In rare cases, there is quite swelling, muscle aches, nasal bleeding, hot flushes in the face.

Reviews of Cialis

As a rule, the positive reviews of Cialis. Many men believe that the drug is effective. On the basis of their stories can be concluded that Cialis not a stimulator of erection, as such, … – The drug increases the local sensitivity. The result obtained after taking Cialis lasts for two or three days, anyway, so write in a review. Many men believe that this is the medicine that they need. Because of its effects, they get rid of a significant mental stress associated with erectile dysfunction.

In the discussion of the properties of the drug meets the theme, which compares the effectiveness of their drug-originals with medicines – generics. When men leave their opinion, they specify exactly how the drug used, whether it was a patented drug or generic – unpatented. On the basis of reports it can be concluded that the use of the original drug Cialis bring more tangible results, while the copy is much weaker, the result is quite mediocre, although we can not say that it is completely absent. But in some cases, men write that when taking generic effect was zero.

In order not to be disappointed in the actions of the acquired drugs need to know what is the difference between the original drug and its copy. The original drug has a high cost, it is patented, sold through pharmacies. In contrast, generics are not certified, and these drugs are sold mainly in the online stores. If you believe their producers – the drug is absolutely identical to the original medicines, but there is no way to test and verify such information. Everyone refers to his health as he seems to be more correct. Still, choosing a drug, consult with a specialist about his reception, and read all the available information on this subject.
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Modern man has to fight many diseases that often affect the body and can lead to violations of its normal functioning. Most diseases are prevented or successfully treated, but erectile dysfunction (considered a disease) treated fairly difficult, unfortunately, the people can not prevent this disorder.

Erectile dysfunction – this is definitely a disease in which a man is not able to achieve an erection to have intercourse, or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. That is why the disease is called “erectile dysfunction” as soon as he heard the word, a man usually runs in terror to the doctor. In fact, erectile dysfunction is a “problem” for men. Every failure is a weakness for men, worthlessness and self-contempt. All of these can have an impact on physical, mental and emotional state of any man. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction appear suddenly, causing more discomfort because a man is not ready for such a situation. That’s why men usually prefer to guarantee themselves against the risk of failure in bed, and they buy Viagra – a drug that helps to maintain an erection. Viagra – a well-known brand sold throughout the world as the best means to treat erectile dysfunction.

What is actually the brand Viagra? Viagra is a trademark of the well-known active ingredient sildenafil citrate. Production of brand Viagra was launched to determine the pharmacological properties of sildenafil citrate, which quickly and significantly enhances the male erection. Unlike many other medications for erectile dysfunction, Viagra brand tablets were designed randomly, namely the study of substances sildenafil. Thus, scientists have identified a new effect of the substance.

Sildenafil – a drug that was developed over 15 years ago. Sildenafil was supposed to be a new drug to treat a variety of diseases of the cardiovascular system. During clinical trials, the features of sildenafil, the men who took the drug, – noted an immediate improvement in erection. At first no one paid much attention to this fact. However, soon after the men have been sending a lot of positive feedback, which made them an erection sildenafil much better. For example, pharmacists have started to study this unique effect. While some studies, they found that sildenafil erection actually increases, and this feature greatly surpassed the effectiveness of the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

So is the story of sildenafil citrate, which was the first drug against erectile dysfunction. Later, after the FDA approved sildenafil citrate, manufacturer Pfizer, patented drug as brand name Viagra. Today Viagra is the brand’s best selling drug in the western market, as well as in many European countries. Due to the inadvertent disclosure of pharmacological properties, the scientists succeeded in developing a unique drug that makes man’s life a lot easier and better.

How does the brand Viagra? Cheap brand Viagra is a drug that is known for its potent pharmacological characteristics, probably for all men around the world. Due to the fact that the active ingredients of the brand Viagra still undergo laboratory testing, the drug is considered to be the most studied and safe medications for treating erectile disorders. Thus, the pharmacological effect of Viagra pill brand, there is in every man who decided to buy brand viagra cheap and use it for their own purposes.

The main active ingredient of the brand Viagra for sale – is sildenafil citrate. This substance is a part of not only the brand Viagra tablets, but also several generic medicines, so that men can be sure of its effectiveness and safety. Sildenafil citrate is absorbed very quickly, so the cheapest brand Viagra works within an hour after his admission. Sildenafil citrate is adjudged from the gastrointestinal tract into the bloodstream, where misses the male penis. Due to the action of sildenafil citrate erectile tissues of the penis fill with blood, which causes them to increase. As a result, the brand Viagra causes an increase in blood flow and, therefore, the penis begins to expand, reaching a good and strong erection.

Increased erection with a cheap brand viagra occurs only in response to sexual arousal men. This means that sexual arousal, the active ingredients of Viagra brand pills – are beginning to increase blood flow to the penis, causing an erection. However, the cheapest brand Viagra itself does not cause an erection, therefore the safety of the drug is high.

Both men are taking Viagra brand? Brand Viagra Pills – blue pill is easily distinguished from any other drug. A man can easily take the little blue pill Viagra, they quickly dissolve in the body, so there will be no problem with using brand Viagra.

Precautions for use brand Viagra You must take into account all the precautions and recommendations of doctors, taking a pill of Viagra brand. Thus, you can improve the safety and efficacy of the drug, if you buy brand viagra online in compliance with all recommendations for use.

You should pay close attention to the contra-indications: Any allergic reaction to sildenafil citrate (the active ingredient) as well as the use of nitrate – a contraindication for the use of Viagra tablets. You probably need to adjust the dose of a cheap brand of Viagra in diseases such as chronic liver dysfunction, glaucoma, kidney failure, heart disease and myasthenia gravis. If exercise is prohibited for you, or if you have curvature of the penis (the deformation of the penis), the use of brand Viagra tablets are contraindicated for you. You should first consult a specialist.

Tablets Viagra brand available in large quantities throughout the world. Pfizer has done a great job of helping men in every country to quickly buy brand Viagra. But the main focus was on developed or developing countries, which have a greater number of men with erectile dysfunction. However, even in these countries there are small towns where one can hardly buy a cheap brand viagra. The acquisition of the brand pills Viagra is complicated by the fact that in regular pharmacies are not always available in the sale of such drug. Sometimes, there is no such thing as a pharmacy in smaller towns; it just makes life more difficult.
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