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This drug belongs to the group of corticosteroids. It has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, antishock action. Appoint patients with adrenal suppression, the bark of which can not alone produce enough steroid hormones.
Indications. Prednisone can be assigned with organ transplants, to prevent transplant rejection, as well as patients who suffer:
diseases of the joints, including post-traumatic stress, chronic and aggravated;
skin diseases and allergies of various origins;
hyperplasia, autoimmune diseases of the kidney, adrenal insufficiency;
tuberculous meningitis;
ocular inflammatory diseases, multiple sclerosis, myeloma.
Application. Recommended taken with food to avoid the effect of the active substance to the gastrointestinal tract. The dosage regimen determined by a physician. In the opinion, the likelihood of side effects Prednisone is directly related to dose, so its definition must be approached very cautiously. Not recommended for use in severe liver disease, but an absolute contraindication to receiving the drug is only idiosyncrasy of the active ingredient.

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