Metal Art Custom.

Metal Art is an ancient craft that allows you to turn cold and rough metal into exquisite works of art. Outdoor wrought iron furniture, beautiful gazebo, a variety of chandeliers and lamps, as well as other products always are popular for decorating houses adjoining areas, gardens, squares, buildings interiors.

Ornament performed by masters of the studio by hand, can contain various weave, peaks, twists, vegetable elements (flowers, buds), lace and more, depending on the customer’s wishes. We produce all kinds of forged products in different styles.

Artistic forging studio is proud to welcome on its website all admirers of art create astounding elements of metal decor. We provide services from forging manufacturer in Russia. Our masters do not just create functional elements of metal decor … No, they give life really beautiful, exclusive decorations of wrought iron, which are created in a single copy. Even with the passage of years since the production of openwork metal constructions do not lose their relevance in any interior.Our products are manufactured in compliance with all the traditions of the ancient skill of Kuznetsk.

Handmade art forging – is one of the activities of our production association. All orders are made by us to customized drawings and dimensions, so the prices for products of artistic forging is calculated individually for each client.Remuneration blacksmiths are estimated depending on the number of elements in the design of forged.

Why is artistic forging order from us?

Guided by the principle of reasonable prices. Objects Handmade art forging from proizvoditelyavsegda will have more value than the outwardly similar moldings. However, despite the enormous effort that is spent on the creation of each exclusive object made of metal decor, we try to offer our customers the best price for our services.

We try to create a true masterpiece, even the smallest work. Our staff is very familiar with the current trends and blacksmith art design, so forging ordering from us, you can be sure that the manufactured product for a long time will not lose its relevance.

We produce products in compliance with all technical standards. Often people to be afraid to order the production of artistic forging is not because of its high cost, and in view of its fragility. In fact, the external fragility of forged products – is misleading. Technologists of our company is carefully calculated, the maximum permissible load on all the massive wrought-iron items.

Why forging is very popular for household and apartments?

Absolutely any person, sooner or later there is a need for spiritual beauty. However, what kind of beauty can be a question if all that is necessary for you is already beaten templates and standards? Opportunities to get in his possession a unique and beautiful piece becomes smaller. We try to break old stereotypes and please their clients in these forged masterpieces.Often customers come and ask to create something like that, from what would be breathtaking, and that you could place in an apartment or cottage. It can be any object. Stand for flower pots, wrought iron shelves, stair railings, chairs, beds, furnishings and much more. The most commonplace thing in the hands of craftsmen into a masterpiece that everyone would want to buy.It is thanks to this art people can build their home as he hochetsya.Hudozhestvennaya forging – is the embodiment of all human fantasies into reality. The fact that yesterday you seemed a dream, tomorrow can become a reality.The rise in popularity can be explained by the fact that all products are the same beautiful and functional for a long time. It is possible that a forged piece of furniture will be inherited from one generation to another and still maintain its original appearance.forging Art has long ceased to be something inaccessible and unattainable. Afford a particular product can absolutely everyone. The minimum cost and maximum quality will not leave anyone indifferent.Not everyone can imagine that the metal – it’s very graceful stuff. There are times when this material is embodied in the reference design, showing a persistent nature, but with a certain modicum of talent he can be brought in a very unusual way.Artistic forging appropriate in any environment, whether modern trends or recreating medieval styles. Any object can not only emphasize the style you choose, but also to bring him originality and add its own flavor.

Forged products – this is what can be an ideal option for you design. Metal Art today is enough demand in design circles. This art, perhaps, can never go out of fashion, losing its unique flavor. Forging – it is an opportunity for you to become the owner of exclusive items that can transform your interior, make it a truly rich and elegant.

Artistic forging – is more art than craft, its products are individual and unique.

Only an experienced professional can create a work of art made of metal, for forging requires deep knowledge combined with extensive experience, besides many of the secrets of the profession passed on from generation to generation. Not without reason in the profession of a blacksmith so common dynasty – father often conveys his experience to his son.

The interiors of modern homes, offices and public buildings, forged products often are used. These original features indicate good taste of the house owner, the status of the company’s office. Products will serve you for many years, will take care of their durability, covering them with protective paint.

Forging – it’s not a simple craft, is the work of artists metal.


Exclusive forged products to order artistic forging

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