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Product description
Celadrin 525 – is a natural product containing a mixture of special, past esterifikatsiyuzhirovyh acids. This new drug is the result of scientific research in the treatment of inflammation and pain. The process of esterification of fatty acids, patented research provides the drug increased stability and prevents oxidation processes.

How does Tseladrin 525:
Tseladrin contains a special mixture of fatty acids, whose action is similar to the acids EPA and DHA, but is much more pronounced. Fatty acid composition Seladrina “smeared” problematic joint: in combination with anti-inflammatory action Seladrina is considerably improves mobility and function of the joint. Seladrin inhibits inflammatory processes in cells and inhibits the activity of arachidonic acid, whose derivatives are a central element of the mediator of the inflammatory process. Also, the drug reduces the destruction of cartilage and similar drugs NSAIDs, slows down the inflammatory activity of the enzyme Cox-2. Additionally Seladrin lubricates (lubritsiruet) joints. As a result, decrease inflammation caused by joint pain and prevents wear of the articular tissues.
Main applications:

Arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
Chronic inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative call and Crohn’s disease)
Allergic phenomena
Atypical dermatitis (skin asthma)
Heart disease
Pain in trauma

Mechanism of action:

It inhibits inflammatory process in endothelial cells (cell layer lining the blood vessels)
Inhibits immune and other inflammatory factors, reduces the synthesis of IL-6
It reduces the secretion of pro-inflammatornyh cytokines and pro-inflammatornyh proteins such as CRP
Inhibits the production of pro-inflammatornyh mediators, inhibiting 5-lipoxygenase, one of the major enzymes of the inflammatory reaction
Blocks job COX-2, an enzyme responsible for the synthesis of prostaglandins, agents of inflammation and pain
Dosage: 2 capsules per day with meals

Volume: 60 capsules
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