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extra super avana

extra super avanaextra super avana

AVANA – an innovation in the means for potency
Even faster effect and fewer side effects
AVANA-100 – the very generic “young” for the treatment of impotence Stendra. The drug is really able to “outdo” all brand pills to treat impotence.

Avanafil – the high-speed medicine of all: it takes effect after 15 minutes after taking. Other advantages AVANA-100 are its capacity (one tablet of 100 mg Avanafila does not lose its effectiveness even in severe forms of erectile dysfunction) and the almost complete absence of side effects (principally new technologies have allowed drug makers to reduce the level of such effects to 1%). Duration of the drug – 6 hours.

Contents of 1 tablet: Avanafil 100 mg.

Technical information

More recently, in the group of active phosphodiesterase inhibitors, a new drug. Stendra immediately won recognition and became one of the most popular drugs to help those suffering from erectile dysfunction. It seems indisputable leadership of Cialis, Viagra and Levitra came to an end. The new drug Stendra belongs to a new generation and favorably differs from its predecessors in rapid appearance of the effect.

Soon after the preparation pharmacologists generic Stendry developed, which is several times less, and the effect lasts for a several times longer. The active substance Avanafil 100 mg starts to work within 15 minutes. It may seem that nothing happened. But try, for example, a pat on the shoulder came up to you a woman. You instantly feel the rush of power to the penis and as a result, there comes a powerful erection.

Expert Opinion

When friends said they were abruptly Viagra pills, I do not believe it. But I decided to try. For samples I ordered a package and went to the party to which I have just been invited. Abana is not afraid of wine and fatty foods (in reasonable quantities).

After drinking alcohol, I became a little more daring and quickly swallowed the pill. In a conversation with a woman I took me just 15 minutes. Further developments remember how sweet dream. Such power I still had. The night flew by like a flash. Good thing it was Saturday. Later I was able to sleep though. Now upakovochka Avanafila is constantly in my pocket. Certainly come in handy).

Mode of application

Take Avan 100 mg 15 minutes before anticipated sexual intimacy.
the minimum dose – ½ tablets.
The recommended dose – 1 tablet.
During the reception, you can use alcohol (in small amounts), and fatty foods.
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Avanofil 50 mg
In 2010, all men have another reason to celebrate. Scientists have discovered avanafil (trade name Stendra) – a new drug to increase potency. Avanafil includes preparations of inhibitors of PDE-5 group and is the closest rival to Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Unlike other drugs to increase potency, generic Stendry acts within 15-20 minutes, the validity period is 6-8 hours, and the chance of side effects from significantly reduced! For example, the formulation devoid of Viagra major drawbacks associated with low efficacy when combined with alcohol and fatty food.
Benefits of Extra Super Avana
The active ingredients of the drug into the blood quickly vassyvayutsya so ffekt appears within 15-20 minutes after consumption. The duration of action can be up to 12 hours, but the effect can lishby in the presence of sexual stimulation.
Price avanafila with Dapoxetine is slightly lower compared to the cost of Viagra. In addition, Extra Super Avana has the least side effects, but it should be borne in mind that a maximum of 200 mg daily dose, so it is not recommended to use more than one tablet a day. Extra Super Avana 260 mg compared with preparations of lower concentration (50 mg, 100 mg and 160 mg) is fast action and increased efficiency.
All those wishing to buy Extra Super Avana should consult a doctor and check for allergies to the components of the preparation. This drug to prolong intercourse and increase the potency can be eaten with fatty foods without reducing its effectiveness.
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