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18.09.2015 |

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Avanafil – innovation among agents for the treatment of erectile dysfunction
Even faster effect, and even fewer side effects
Avana-100 – the very generic “young” for the treatment of impotence Stendra. The drug is actually able to “outdo” all brand tablet for the treatment of impotence.

Avanafil – the quick cure of all: it takes effect within 15 minutes after the decision. Other advantages Avana-100 is its power (one tablet of 100 mg Avanafil does not lose its effectiveness even in severe forms of impotence) and the almost complete absence of side effects (principally new technologies have allowed drug makers to reduce the level of such effects to 1%). Time of the drug – 6 hours.

What is Avana 100 mg?
Avana 100 mg – a drug for the latest generation of an erection. He developed a small company Vivus Inc, which is headquartered in Mountain View (Calif., USA). The drug has been declared as the first tool that can completely restore control over an erection within 15 minutes. Following approval in April 2012 FDA Avanafil went on sale under the trade names Spedra (in Europe) and Stendra (in the US). It has established itself as a safe and reliable fast-acting drug. Widespread prevented just too high a price.

The well-known pharmaceutical company in our Sunrise Remedies decided to make medicine more affordable. Scientists from this company created a generic drug Stendra, which is a complete analog of the “original”. From the American Indian Avanafil it differs only in a very low price. All other characteristics of the drug Stendra (generic) are similar. Thanks to the efforts of “Sunrise” men in the world had the opportunity to take advantage of high-quality medicines at a reasonable price.

What is better – or Stendra Avana?
As we have said, Stendra – US drug developed by Vivus. Avana – Indian counterpart. Essentially, the drug is one manufactured by different manufacturers. Avana-100 (Stand) gained more widespread due to the lower price. The efficiency and speed are the same as the “original” preparation. It is no wonder that most men prefer to Avana. Reviews confirm the high popularity of the drug.

Avana (generic): principle of action
The most high-speed drug for erectile considered generic Stendra. Guide says that it belongs to the group of PDE-5 inhibitors. Like other active substances from this category Avanafil inhibits specific enzyme phosphodiesterase (type 5). Healthy men PDE5 need to go to the quiet state after sex. If you have sexual dysfunction, an enzyme found in the blood constant.

To enhance erection quality needed to increase blood flow to the penis and relax the smooth muscles of the corpora cavernosa. This “engaged” cyclic guanosine monophosphate. The level of cGMP is constantly decreasing the enzyme PDE-5. Before scientists were challenged to create a drug that blocks the action of phosphodiesterase. As a result, the drug was invented Avana (generic). Responses indicate that high efficiency of the tool has a unique degree of security.

How long does the effect of 100 mg pills Avana?
Searching for a cure, which in a few minutes to restore an erection? Try generic Avana. Reviews about this drug is always only positive. It is rapidly absorbed and becomes effective immediately. The effect of the reception Avanafil in 75% of cases after 15 minutes. Avanafil concentration in the blood reaches a maximum at 1-1.5 h. The validity period of 5-6 hours.

Medicine Avana-100, which can be bought on this page are completely eliminated from the body in the form of neutral metabolites. It is metabolized in the liver (isozyme CYP3A4) and is excreted in the feces. Via the kidneys displayed no more than 12-15% of active ingredient.

Generic Stendra: indications for use
One of the newest drugs to improve erections – generic Stendra. Reviews show that Avanafil starts to act faster than other drugs. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is a special condition of the body, in which a man is not able to achieve an erection. There are also cases when the excitement of the reproductive system occurs, but the penis does not reach the desired hardness. Erectile dysfunction is also called impotence. Previously, it was considered an incurable disease. Today it is easy to cope Avanafil. Reviews of generic Stendra indicate that the drug is like a lot of men.

Can I take Avana100 women?
Many people wonder if the solution to raise the female libido Avana-100. Reviews of some women talking about the effectiveness of drugs in this direction. In particular, women often say that after taking Avanafil significantly enhanced sexual desire and orgasm becomes stronger. But special research studied the effects of the drug on women, was conducted. It is unknown how Avanafil affects lactating and pregnant women. Therefore, at this time Avana-100 is indicated for use only men who have reached 18 years of age.

Generic Avana: how to use
High speed and efficiency has generic Avana 100. Buy at the lowest price you can online pharmacy “ShopStoyal”. We always have the most advantageous offers for regular customers and new customers. Dosing of the drug:

Take Avana 100 mg 15 minutes before anticipated sexual intimacy.
minimum dose – ½ tablet.
The recommended dose – 1 tablet.
During the reception, you can use alcohol (in small amounts), and fatty foods.
Reviews Generic Stendra show that abundant and fatty food on Avanafila performance is not affected.

Avana100: Dosage
For preparation Avana-100 daily dose should not exceed 200 mg of active ingredient (two tablets). Doctors recommend at the initial stages of erectile dysfunction limited to 50 mg (half tablet). Only if the effect will not be possible to pass on the whole tablet Avana. The drug has a high degree of safety and almost never cause side effects. However, when exceeding the maximum daily dose (200 mg) adverse reactions are not only more frequent, but also increase.

Before you buy Avana 100 mg, check the list of contraindications. The drug is banned for use to people who have sexual activity can lead to a heart attack or fainting.

There are also diseases in which you need to carefully take the drug Avana-100. Instruction is one of them:

stomach ulcer or bowel;
stroke or myocardial infarction;
uncontrolled high or low blood pressure;
Penis deformation (fibrosis, injury, Peyronie’s disease, etc.);
ischemic optic neuropathy;
multiple myeloma.
Note that one of the safest drug is generic Stendra. Customer reviews show that it can still create a situation ugrozhayuschuie health when combined with other drugs.

Therefore it is impossible to combine the technique with Avanafil:

medications containing nitrates;
inhibitors of CYP3A4;
medicines for high blood pressure;
antihypertensive agents.
We have tried to collect as much information about the drug generic Avana. Price, location, reviews, the principle of action – on this page there are all the necessary information. However, over the reception Avanafila must always consult a doctor.

Avana 100mg: Compatibility with alcohol
The manufacturer allows the use of small doses of alcoholic beverages while taking pills generic Avana 100. Responses indicate that a moderate amount of ethanol does not interact with the drug. But do not abuse alcohol. Alcohol promotes vasodilation. Avanafil has the same effect. As a result, blood pressure (especially in people with hypotension) may drop dangerously. In addition, the combination with alcohol drink Stendry can cause more severe side effects.

Generic Stendra: side effects
Before you buy generic Stendra Avana, check the list of possible side effects. As is known, Avanafil has an unprecedented level of security.

However, in rare cases (mainly in non-compliance with instructions) can occur:

runny nose;
back pain or lower back;
a sore throat.
Reviews of generics Avana say that these reactions are temporary. They completely disappear within 2-4 hours.

Where to buy original Avana-100 on favorable terms?
This page contains all the information about Avana-100 preparation (instructions, reviews and other useful information). Buy it on the most favorable terms possible in our online pharmacy. We specialize in high-quality, proven generics. We have the lowest prices and the most fast delivery to any region. For the convenience of customers, we offer several options for the checkout:

by phone;
via e-mail;
online chat.
by mail;
by self.
When ordering any method you are guaranteed to get quality generic Stendra (Avana-100).

expert Opinion

When friends said they were abruptly tablets of Viagra, I did not believe. But I decided to try. For samples I ordered a package and went to the party to which I have just been invited. Avana is not afraid of wine and fatty foods (in reasonable quantities).

After drinking alcohol, I became a little more daring and quickly swallowed the pill. In a conversation with a woman it took me just 15 minutes. Further developments remember how sweet dream. Such power I still had. The night flew by like a flash. Well, it was Saturday. Then I could at least get some sleep. Now upakovochka Avanafila is constantly in my pocket. Certainly come in handy).

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